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Calling the Right Costa Mesa Locksmith: Car Keys

Costa Mesa Locksmith wonders would It be safe to say that no one really thinks about car keys, except after a problem crops up.  It’s pretty difficult to drive the vehicle if you can’t get in.  This is why Costa Mesa Locksmith writes these articles.  We want people to be aware about the safety issues surrounding a car and the systems that secure a car.  Costa Mesa Locksmith also thinks there should be something else to be considered, the mechanisms of a security system.  One of the simplest forms of entry into a car is the key.  Cars are unique so are the keys that are used in them.  Costa Mesa Locksmith explores the car key in this article.

#1 One key up to two functions

Costa Mesa Locksmith has been dealing with vehicle locking systems of many kinds for many years.  We know that the key serves up to two functions, securing the vehicle and engaging the engine.  No key no go it is that simple.  Remote Key Systems are common now more than ever, but  Costa Mesa locksmiths points out that you should not rule out the old standard key, it’s still used.  Unlike a conventional key that is cut on one side, car keys are often cut on both sides of the blade.  Costa Mesa Locksmith points out that rather than flat or pointed bits a car key has grooves on the blade.

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#2 Car keys often do more than open the door

The car key is multifunctional, serving two main purposes.  Costa Mesa Locksmith highlights these as locking and unlocking the door and starting the engine.  Another interesting thing a car key does is lock the steering column.  Other functions of a car key include, opening glove compartments and the trunk.  We at City] Locksmith figure you know this already, but usually there is a set of car keys for multiple use.  Though it can be said that one key will do all of the things mentioned above.

#3 Valet keys

A secondary key often gets made for the car, called a valet key it permits limited access to the car.  Costa Mesa locksmith notes that these keys are a good tool for thwarting those who may want to get into the trunk or glove box.  Some valet keys go further, Costa Mesa Locksmith thinks this is cool in a James Bond sort of way, they actually limit the power to the engine, reducing the risk that someone joyrides.

 Costa Mesa Locksmith is very aware that technological advances are reshaping how a car is secured.  As we have mentioned in the past and eluded to earlier in this article, keyless systems are becoming more common.  Even in this realm the tech just keeps improving and that is a good thing.

But, like anything else related to security there is always a need to go beyond a system.  Costa Mesa Locksmith suggests being proactive.  Don’t leave a car looking like bait for a thief.  By this we mean leaving expensive items in the car in plain view.  Laptops, money anything that screams value is like a nice shiny come get me beacon.  Another no no is leaving the engine running or keys in the ignition, even for a short time.   Costa Mesa locksmith points out that a car gets stolen on average around every 30 seconds in the United States.  Much of the incidents of theft are avoidable.  Go pro and contact a proven locksmith to discuss your security system re your car.  Costa Mesa Locksmiths has been helping car owners for xx years and they can do the same for you.  Call them for a free no obligation quote at 949-289-9147.